The Great Menu!

Atithi presents..

a menu composed of meals coming from different parts of India

Full menu

Full menu

Combo deal
(Biryani + Mango lassi + Raita + Salad)

20 thoughts on “The Great Menu!

  1. This looks great! Come to visit you soon!

    1. Dear Mark,

      You are most welcome.

      Team Atithi

  2. I really enjoyed the food along with my dutch friend 🙂 I would definitely recommend others to have food here!

    1. Thanks a lot Tejaswini. We wish you serve you again.
      Team Atithi

  3. Hello, what are the vegan options?

    1. Dear Chester,

      Thanks for your comment.
      We have several dishes for Vegans and we can customise all of our dishes to make it suitable for Vegans.
      For example: below a list of our dishes which are suitable for Vegans
      – Aloo Puri
      – Cutlet
      – Aloo Pakoda
      – Bread Pakoda
      – Veggie Patty

      List of dishes which we can customise to make it suitable for Vegans:
      – Jira rice with Daal Tadka
      – Roti Wrap
      – Veggie Burger
      – Navratan Rice
      – Plain Briyani

      All of our dishes are fresh.

      We hope to serve you soon.

      Best Regards,
      Team Atithi

  4. Thanks for the answer, I will certainly visit your restaurant!

    1. Dear Chester,
      We are looking forward to welcome you.
      Team Atithi

  5. Lekker en snel indiaas eten. Zojuist de egg-biryani gehad. Lekker, meer dan voldoende.

    1. Thanks Wirendra,

      Glad to hear that and we wish to see you again. Please like us on Facebook to get latest updates on our menu and offers.

      Best regards,
      Team Atithi

  6. Hello, this looks great. I am definitely coming soon. But what is the best way to reach you? I stay in Delft and work in the (new) Applied Sciences building of TU Delft.

    1. Dear Aaditya,

      Thanks for your interest in our food.
      If you want to come by bike or by foot: please follow the guidelines provided here: One of our staff member is coming via this route everyday. If you face any difficulty then please call us on 0687570745.
      If you want to come by car: please search in google for Atithi restaurant. You will be easily reaching to the food court of Atithi.
      Alternatively if you want the food to be delivered, please contact us on 0687570745 or place an online order.
      Hope this help.

      Looking forward to serve you soon.

      Many thanks and regards,
      Team Atithi

  7. We are visiting Delft soon and want to come and eat, because we are vegetarians.But we can’t eat spicy at al!Not al little spicy to allergies to several spices.Is it possible for us to eat a tasty meal(with herbs maybe, they’re not that hot, but gives the food taste) at your restaurant?

    1. Dear CHB Vroegh,
      Nice to hear from you.
      Our food has a blend of Indian herbs and spices but to an extent which is generally tasteful to the tongue. But if your are allergic to even slight amount of spices then we recommend you to mention it explicitly at the reception and probably you can also ask for food sample giving reference to this discussion.
      Team Atithi

  8. Hey,
    I enjoyed your options. Can you let me know if there are any south indian options like masala dosa available in your restaurant? It would be great since there are so many south indians in delft

    1. Thanks for your query.
      Yes Masala dosa and Paneer dosa is now available all time in our restaurant.
      Team Atithi

  9. Hi. Do you serve gluten free meals? If yes what are the options? Kind regards, Alec

    1. Yes, we have 3 possible options for gluten free meals (all rice only):
      – Navratan rice
      – Veg Biyrani
      – Cumin Rice with some curry (lentils or Chickpeas)

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