Opening hours: open daily from 11:30 to 21:00.

Phone/WhatsApp: +31 (0) 6 87570745


Rijksweg A-13, nr. 202, 2629HA, Delft
(A13 Texaco Gas Station exit towards Rotterdam)

From TU delft by bike or by foot:

  1. Reach to Delft Technopolis Bus Stop.
  2. Pass by VSL and Delmic at Thijsseweg 11.
  3. Go straight on Thijsseweg towards the canals and the new red bridge.
  4. Cross the new red bridge and take a left.
  5. Go straight for 200 meters on the rough road and this will turn right itself. Keep following the road for another 125 meters.
  6. Now the road is turning right again. Don’t take right! Instead go left into the grass (there is no road but you will see foot signs). Follow the foot signs and pass this 50 meters no road show and you will see Texaco fuel station in your front.
  7. Take right and now you are already in the Food Court parking. Go straight for 200 meters and you will enter into the Food Court.
  8. Welcome to Atithi. Sit and relax in our comfortable themes (Beach/Forest/Village/Sports ground or the regular industrial chairs). You will be served the most delicious foods in few minutes.
Way to reach Atithi Indian Restaurant from TU Delft Side – 10 minutes walking


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